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GOOGLE Pavillion, NYC 

︎︎︎ Location : NYC, USA
︎︎︎ Size : 25 m2
︎︎︎ Program : Multipurpose space 
︎︎︎ Status : Concept

︎︎︎ Part of 3XN Architects, Copenhagen 
︎︎︎ Renderings 3XN ©

The google Pavillion had been done with GXN, the research pole of 3XN Architect. This project was a commision from Google for a special event in NYC. The idea was to build a place where everyone could meet and learn, where small lectures could take place or where kids could play during the day. The pavillion is made with a timber structure, with a glass facade the could fully open toward the garden. The interior walls were made out of small cork modules detacheable and usable as stools or tables for the space.


Roof structure




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