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FORSKAREN Office, Stockholm

︎︎︎ Location : Stockholm, Sweden
︎︎︎ Size : 
24.000 m2
︎︎︎ Program : Offices, Exhibition, Restaurant.
︎︎︎ Status : Ongoing

︎︎︎ As part of 3XN Architects, Copenhagen

Forskaren will serve as a landmark of its central location in Hagastaden near Stockholm, where it will interact with the city and create new collaborative environments. The new district will blend world-class research in health, life science and treatment – complete with housing, a new subway station, green recreation areas and amenities.
Both the characteristic round shape and central Hagastaden location of Forskaren make the building a natural gathering point in the new district. The building’s publicly accessible amenities and surrounding square are designed to be catalysts for new life in the area.

︎ Ground floor view toward the staircase 

︎ Typical floor plans

︎ First floor circulation / office

︎ First floor office

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