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Coral Hotel, Crete (Greece) 

︎︎︎ Location : St nikolaos, Greece
︎︎︎ Size : 10.000 m2
︎︎︎ Program : 5* Hotel
︎︎︎ Status : Completion 2022

︎︎︎ Part of 3XN Interior department, Copenhagen
︎︎︎ Renderings 3XN ©

Coral hotel is a renovation of an exhisting hotel in the island of Crete in Greece. The structure of the building has been kept and all the interior has been rebuilded by the 3XN Interior team. All the front of house programs, 150 rooms and all the cirlculation have been re-conceptualised. I have been involved in this project from the concept to the detail drawing phase, more than one year journey made with the 3XN interior department.


 Project Material Mock-Up


Project Drawings


 Lobby Interior Views

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