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ARDA Horn Speakers  

︎︎︎ Location : Copenhagen, Denmark
︎︎︎ Program : High-end Horn Speakers
︎︎︎ Status : In Progress

︎︎︎ Design : Eliott Litrowski / Sound : Tsvetan Nastev


Arda is a Danish high-end speaker compagny run by Tsvetan Nastev aka Stan. Stan is building speakers for years and delivering quality sound all over denmark. I have played few time on his self made soundsystem and I have been blowned away by the precise and crisp sound his work deliver. Lately Stan has sonorized audiophile bar and work on different Horn speakers models, always increasing the quality of his sound. I am very happy to collaborate with him on one design for his brand. We are working on a prototype for beggening of 2022.

︎ Rendering of the Speaker

︎ Rendering of the Speaker

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